Microsoft Revealed the Windows 10 New Privacy Setup

A new option that has been popped in the Operating System that might remove all the telemetry data collects by Windows 10, it seems that Microsoft tends to introduce the ability to view the data collection done by the Windows 10 OS. From the last few years, Windows 10 has been a part of controversy because of its treatment and one of the sharpest phases has been the what “Diagnostic” data the OS collects from the user’ computers devices to send back to the Microsoft’s servers for analysis. To find more information, contact at Windows Tech Support Number.

Microsoft Revealed the Windows 10 New Privacy Setup

But the most updated preview built of Windows 10 is a bunch of new options at the bottom of the Diagnostics & Feedback screen: ‘Diagnostic data viewer’ and ‘Delete diagnostic data’. To such extent, there are merely placeholders which do not function or do anything when clicked, but expectantly they will be quick for those testing Windows 10 soon enough. Due to which it is not clear what the function is exactly all about, but it is obvious enough speculation: the former should allow the user to fully view all the diagnostic data being collected on their system, and the latter should facilitate its deletion.

As what deletions is to be done after diagnostic data entails, is something we will only know when Microsoft fully fleshes out these features. Pretentious these options are actually realized, of course; there’s no guarantee that they’ll make it to the finished version of Windows 10.

However, it seems unlikely that you will be easily able to go with the deletion to flush out any data before it’s sent to Microsoft, as the company upholds it needs basic telemetry data to save Windows secure. In order to have more help and a brief description of Windows 10 latest privacy setup, feel free to contact at Windows 10 Customer Support Phone Number (1-800-439-2178). The number is available 24/7 round the clock for the Windows 10 customers. 

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